About AcoustiCraft

For over three decades, AcoustiCraft has dedicated its unique resources to the restoration and service of fine vintage and late model grand pianos. A comprehensive piano restoration facility was established in 1977 by Master Craftsman Christopher Robinson who enjoys international recognition for his work in all areas of piano remanufacture and action design.

The name AcoustiCraft arose as a result of special acoustical research initiated by Chris in the late 1970s to help piano technicians better understand the complex relationships involving piano design, construction, action geometry, and the touch and sound of the instrument. This knowledge is essential to the correct and faithful restoration of vintage pianos, and is one of many reasons that AcoustiCraft is preferred over other piano rebuilders.

Chris and Karen Robinson have been sought-after instructors in piano rebuilding seminars nationwide. Chris, considered a preeminent leader in the piano restoration craft, was instrumental in developing new action parts for vintage pianos, following original specifications and dimensions. The famous Renner factory in Stuttgart, Germany is now manufacturing these parts. (To find out more about Renner, click here)

Our Expert Staff

There are countless challenges connected with piano service procedures, action performance and soundboard behavior. In an effort to come to terms with these issues piano industry professionals regularly consult both Chris Haberbosch and Chris Robinson.

Chris Haberbosch, shop manager and President of AcoustiCraft, with well over a decade of high level experience in piano restoration is also a sought-after instructor and is highly active in the Piano Technician's Guild.

Chris Robinson and Chris Haberbosch are long time members and Registered Piano Technicians with the Piano Technician's Guild. (To find out more about the PTG, click here.)

Christopher Haberbosch puts finishing touches on grand piano.
President Chris Haberbosch puts finishing touches on fine grand piano just before delivery date.
Chris Robinson uses spectrum analyzer.
Chris Robinson uses an audio spectrum analyzer to check a concert grand after making a string pressure adjustment. The analyzer separates notes into their components, visually displaying the duration, power and frequency of harmonics for tone evaluation. Before and after comparisons guide and confirm the musical improvement.
Nathan Richardson assembles a soundboard.
Jaime Roberts adjusts strike point.
Action Finisher Jamie Roberts adjusts strike point prior to mounting new set of hammers on grand piano action frame.
Karen Robinson installs new dampers.
Tuner-technician Karen Robinson installs and regulates new dampers in a restored grand piano.

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