"AcoustiCraft's complete restoration of our 1917 Steinway O exceeded expectations in every way. The piano is a complete pleasure to play. The touch is perfect, responsive and nuanced. The tone is beautiful in every register and at all dynamic levels. The bass can sound bright or mellow, and the treble sustains in every octave. The whole piano allows us to play with more subtlety than we had ever thought possible."

"Before beginning work, Chris Haberbosch had spent a couple of hours listening to us play and molded the sound to enhance each of our playing styles. Although Cathy and I have different sound ideals, we both love our restored piano and feel that it's the best instrument that we've ever played. "

Paul Alan Levi, composer and pianist
Cathy Waldman, pianist and composer

"In February of 2013, I contracted with Acousticraft to rebuild a 1929 Steinway that had been in my client's family since it was built. Given that their son was an accomplished pianist and the clients were very prominent in the community, I was hoping the job would be done to a high degree of proficiency. My expectations were not only met, but exceeded in every way and at every step in the process. Thank you Chris Haberbosch and the rest of the Acousticraft team. My client was thrilled."

David Dragone"

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the magnificent work you and your staff did rebuilding our concert grand. I had the great pleasure to be the first pianist to perform on the instrument Saturday night and what a treat that was! The tone has a singing bell- like quality with a wide range of colors and the touch is amazingly even throughout the entire keyboard. It is hard to believe what you made out of the mess of a piano we sent you in the spring! The instrument you've given back to us is like a brand new piano in the best possible state."

"This piano will be enjoyed by the whole Colby College community for many years to come. Thank you again for your stellar work and for getting the job done on a tight schedule so that we could perform on the piano on our opening Music at Colby concert this year. "

"With much appreciation, "
Y. Lily Funahashi
Department of Music
Colby College

"I engaged AcoustiCraft to rebuild my Steinway piano in 1978. It is every bit the excellent instrument today, in 2002, as it was when it was initially returned to me. The real proof of their exceptional talent comes from all of the professional musicians who love their work. As a concert pianist, I have often hosted colleagues from around the world at my home. There we have set up master classes and concerts using this piano. All the pianists who have played this instrument remark on its fine tone, its power, and how satisfying it is to play."

Paul Bisaccia, Concert and Recording Artist.
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"Originally recommended to me by my brilliant tuner/technician, Evan Giller, I took the step of having AcoustiCraft perform a complete rebuilding on my Steinway piano. The result was one of exquisite mastery, and four years later I continue to be thrilled by the instrument. The new soundboard has the phenomenal ability to sustain massive and infinite variety of tone, and the dampers, installed by Karen Robinson, allow for a precise and sensitive ability for pedal control and key release that I had not experienced until now. I am amazed, delighted and grateful for AcoustiCraft's miraculous and dedicated work, and would recommend them to any musician without reservation."

Concert Pianist and Teacher, Elizabeth Wolff, New York City
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"In 1991, Chrsitopher Robinson of AcoustiCraft restored for me a Mason & Hamlin BB grand built in 1930. The restoration included a new pinblock, soundboard, bridgecaps, strings, and tuning pins. The original plate was rebronzed and new dampers were installed. The original casework was refinished. The entire restoration was meticulous. Mr. Robinson has regularly maintained the instrument. After eleven years, the piano is as fine as when it was restored."

Patrick Miller, Chair, Music Theory Dept.
The Hartt School, University of Hartford

"I sent my first piano to AcoustiCraft for restoration about 20 years ago. Since that time, they have restored many pianos for both my private clients as well as my institutional accounts. Whether replacing a soundboard, installing a new action, or refinishing the case, the results have always been the same: a beautiful-sounding piano, the highest level of workmanship and close attention to all details to insure the instrument is restored to it's originally intended condition. Working with Chris and Karen at AcoustiCraft through the years has been a pleasure."

Stephen Snyder, Registered Piano Technician,
New York, Vermont, NW Massachusetts area

"AcoustiCraft soundboard replacements offer unsurpassed quality with the finest tone, sustain, and power I haver ever seen in a piano. The stringing is artwork, and their pinblocks offer the most careful tuning imaginable."

Ed Foote, Registered Piano Technician,
Nashville Tennesee
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"I have appreciated your work for over twenty years and been grateful to have been able to sub-contract to you on more than one occasion. You have in that time demonstrated sound expertise and dedicated craftsmanship above and beyond the level of anyone else I have seen in our industry. Ambient Recording Studio's Steinway concert grand, fitted with a complete new keyboard, action, and backaction, shepherded by Nonesuch Records has helped to establish Ambient as one of the premier studios for the recording of jazz and classical music. My Association with you has been one of my few treasures; it has been an honor to know you..."

Christopher Solliday, Registered Piano Technician,
Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania
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Restored Mason & Hamlin piano
Beautiful quartered oak veneer Mason & Hamlin style BB completely restored for Trinity College.
Restored Prima Vera piano
A Prima Vera Steinway style B, recently restored by AcoustiCraft, and now on the stage at the Watkinson School, West Hartford, Connecticut.